Frequently asked questions

Here, you'll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our restaurant, menu, services, and more. Browse our FAQ to learn about our hours of operation, reservation policies, dietary options, and other important information to help you plan your next visit with us. If you don't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How can I reserve?

Reservation are made via our website accessing or via the platform

What are the opening days of Kané restaurant?

We are opened from Wednesday till Saturday from 18:00-23:00, on Dianei 9, Bucharest, Romania.

What menus do you offer?

At Kané, we have created short and long set tasting menus, that consists of a succession of 10 to 13 dishes, in order to have an elaborated view of our chefs vision, and allow you to explore multiple tastes and textures. As taste is very subjective, in our vision the tasting menu is an explorative and curious-minded experience, allowing you to try new selections and choosing your favourite one.

How long does the experience last?

The experience lasts between 2h-4h, depeding on the tasting menu chosen, if it is a short or long one and if wine paring is also selected.

Can you accommodate allergies, dietary restrictions, aversions?

Yes, we can accommodate gluten free, lactose intolerent, vegan, vegetarian. Moreover, if there are particularities please inform us by e-mail at

What is the maximum accomodation for groups?

For groups, we can accomodate anywhere from 15-45 people. If you would like to organise a private event please inform us at

How can I reserve for more than 6 people?

In case you want to reserve for more than 5 people, a deposit is required.

What is the modification policy?

Our modification policy is 24h in advance, by contacting us at

What payments methods do you accept?

We are a card payment only location and we also accept American Express.

Can I buy a gift card for someone?

We believe Kané is a special ocassion restaurant. If you would like to gift this experience to someone, write us at

Do you offer a wine pairing?

Yes, wine paring wiht only local Romanian Wines is offered separatly at a cost of 300Ron for the short menu tasting and 350Ron for the long menu tasting.

Where can I see the menu?

We want our experience to be a surprise, just visually presented on our platforms. If you would like to see the menu, please email us at

How often does the menu change?

The menu changes seasonaly, 4 times per year, as we only use ingredients available by season. If you would like to be announced by this change, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, walk-ins are accepted upon availability.

What happens if I cancel last minute?

We kindly suggest you cancel your dinner as soon as you can - we understand some events are impossible to control, but please make sure you let us know if your plans change. For tables of more than 5 guests, the advance payment is non-refundable if you cancel less than 24h in advance

Do you have drinks separate from the wine tasting?

Yes, we do have a bar menu that is comprised of exclusively romanian drinks, liquors, beers and cocktails.

How can I get to the location?

Subway (Universitate), Car, Uber/Bolt, (nu stiu ce autobuz trece pe acolo)